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How long does it take consumers to decide online? …

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How long does it take consumers to decide online? …

E-commerce may make life easier for consumers and among its advantages, saving them the transfer to the store, but that does not mean that buyers do not take the time to decide what they want to buy, not to mention the time they spend. Is invested by researching or searching in different online stores. In fact, it has already been calculated by products, how much time is usually spent to decide.

A study by LadenZeilen whose data have been published in E-commerce Magazin realizes that before formalizing the online purchase, the time that passes between we access the internet to find what interests us, until the data are given The credit card or alternative payment system, the amount varies,

depending on the type of products.

That is why, according to the research, European buyers find it easier to choose sunglasses, which buy an average of 26 minutes and spend more time on acquisitions such as a sofa, for which they invest 19 hours

How long does it take consumers to decide online? ..

How long does it take consumers to decide online? ..

and 20 minutes.

How to create ads that lead to more sales?

Discover the 6 essential keys to achieving successful ads and advertising results.

The first thing is to be clear that advertising tactics in mass media and online are oriented to HIGHLIGHT the brand in a sea of ​​offers and ATRER interested to it.

All marketing in general is a mixture of tactics and actions whose main function is to generate positioning and stimulate the market to request reports.

The first real contact that has that market with your brand starts the sales process, whose tactics and actions must also be planned and aligned to the marketing strategy, but a process that effectively seeks to CLOSE sales begins.

I explain this, because many companies want their advertising to be measured in terms of sales, and the reality is that it does not go there.

Publicity and its effectiveness should be measured in terms of affluence, which afterwards with a good sales process ends in that unique and valuable end for the company. Goes?

So when you advertise, what you are looking for is:

That know you exist the right person ,
which will draw attention enough to seek you

And to achieve these goals in traditional advertising, the most important is the medium, programming, advertisement and repetition. They are the four elements that you need to achieve results in radio, press, magazine and television. There is no other!

Medio . Focus on your target market.
Programming . Make it appear in the section or program with the greatest influx for your target market.
Ad . Make it impact, differentiated and call to action.
Repeat . Constant appearances are indispensable to capture interest and positioning.

Once I explain this, I want to share the six factors where the success of the creation of your commercials is, practically for any mass medium.

Six Factors to Create Successful Ads

1. Clear Objective

The first thing to do before creating your ad is to make sure you understand the message you want to convey. Are you selling a product, a service, a brand, an offer? You must be clear about the message you want people to remember.

2. Consistency Customer & Ad
The ad is for your target audience, not your boss, not for yourself. All your advertisement should be aimed at your target market: text, images, tone of communication and calls to action.

3. Concept, Experience, Creativity
Everything revolves around the experience that will provoke your customers, sure you’ve heard many times, so in print ads this is no exception. Before you start with texts and designs, you should take the time to create the right concept to generate a meaningful experience and convey the central message of the ad.

How long does it take consumers to decide online? ..

How long does it take consumers to decide online? ..

4. Short offer, simple text.
What are the fewest words you can use to get your message across? This is what we should aim for when using texts within an advertisement. Remember that you should stay focused on the main ideas as determined in step one.

5. more than words Picture
In a successful advertisement, information design is sometimes as important as the information itself. You should make the ad look attractive to the customer. And the images are those that impact 70% more than any other element.

Call them to Action 6.
What is the next step that you want your reader perform? Tell him clearly what you expect him to do.

Effective advertising often includes a few words to create a sense of urgency. When urgency is created, it often encourages clients to take action. Here you can include offers, rewards and deadlines.

Of course, do not forget to also add your logo and ad foot with the data most relevant to the objective of the ad and the market to which it is directed.

As always I hope this brief information will be useful … Leave me your comment, experiences or doubts … Go?

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